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Nokia vs. Sony – Inspiration vs. copy?

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Sony or Nokia
I don’t know exactly if this masterpiece of advertising from Wieden & Kennedy was inspired by the sony walkman campaign above from – I guess – the 80s. But I do know that it’s becoming harder to create something really unique in these days of digital transparency. It doesn’t matter if it’s copied by accident or on purpose. Even if it’s just an inspiration, you’ll get noticed. So our business reached an important crossroad. It is important to discuss how we will handle the copyright theme in future. Otherwise guys like the german plagiarism observer „Spießer Alfons“, will have a lot of work to do in the next decades. Yes, the Kaiser was right. But I go the extra mile: it could be for any music device from any given brand; you could quite simply cut out the Nokia at the bottom and stick in a Sony Walkman and they would still work.

Thanks for finding the old sony campaign, Tim.

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  1. Kuba

    yeah, you are right, but i dont think it’s a copy of the sony walkman campaign. i dont think that anybody at nokia knew something about the sony posters, i think that even sony doesnt remember the campaign. i think it is a fortuity

  2. Patrick Breitenbach

    I don’t want to charge ‚em. I don’t know a thing at all. Maybe it is an unconscious thing. But it’s quite funny that Tim had casually found the campaign this morning in an old presentation sheet from a well-known planner. The presentation was shared through the web. In this presentation, the planner mentioned that the sony campaign was his favourite campaign. It’s quite an old ad, but I don’t think it is relatively unknown in the whole scene. Even if it was a fortuity, we have to think about the whole plagiarism thing going on the next years. Suspicions will mushroom up anyway.

  3. The Kaiser

    These ads are ugly as sin, but spot on, strategically, for the brand. In fact they’re brilliant.

    Good find Tim.

  4. Patrick Breitenbach

    I love the „shoefaces“ even more! :-)

    It’s the neurological kick. Read Scheier! ;-)

  5. The Kaiser

    I don’t need to read any of that planner boy shit to see that the sony walkman ads are bang on. You simply couldn’t seperate them from the brand – these ads belong to the brand and the product. The Nokia work, however, is another matter altogether. You could stick any old product in there – wouldn’t matter at all – but as I’ve already said you can’t separate the ads from W+K. And that’s my point.

  6. The Kaiser

    My mood hasn’t improved.

  7. Patrick Breitenbach

    So with or without planner boy shit, the W+K nokia ads are bad branding anyway, aren’t they?

  8. Patrick Breitenbach

    COME ON Kaiser! What’s the matter? Tomorrow is „Du bist Deutschland 2“ starting. It will be a feast for us all! :-D

  9. The Kaiser

    Oh, it’s a fucking terrible piece of Nokia branding yes. But it is, however, a astounding piece of W+K branding.

  10. The Kaiser

    …. and before Henning pisses me off…. I know that it should have been „an astounding“….

  11. Patrick Breitenbach

    So it’s a typical agency win-win situation! ;-)

  12. The Kaiser

    it’s bullshit. but it pays the bills.

  13. Thies

    Besides, I like the sony campaign more, but I don’t see a copy at all. I see a different approach. And I read 11 comments from the makers of Werbeblogger: Is this Sabine Christiansen or what?

  14. PatRiot

    Warum schreiben alle auf Englisch, wenn alle Kommentatoren aus Deutschland kommen und sich hier vllt. gar kein Englisch Native Speaker hier her verläuft/verklickt?

    fragend HeavyPettingPat…

  15. Patrick Breitenbach

    @Thies: Yes it’s „Sabine Christiansen“ for sure. We both wear mini-skirts and matching blouses.

    @PatRiot: Maybe you didn’t understand the principles of blogging. It’s linked up communication. So the rule is quite simple: english post -> english comments.

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