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Big brand catches the big fish

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[inspic=79,,,0] Ever used Sevenload? How often do you use it? What about clipfish oder or myvideo? What, you never even heard of them? Huh! That’s strange because, in Germany, these guys are the really big web 2.0 brands; big brands owned by TV-Broadcasters and publishing houses. But let’s face it; they are tiny little brands with tiny little visions and an all-purpose business model – Advertising. But hey, there is only one little problem, that being: If you want to make your Web 2.0 world go round with advertising-money then you have to get traffic very first. A lot of traffic.

Even myspace, one of the real giants, has to develop some bonus ideas to make Rupert really happy. It seems like he prefers the real deal: religion but that’s another story for another day. Okay. So you need „click cattle“ first – it’s a funny little German word I first read over at Don Alphonso’s blog (a hard hitting German blogger). In Germany we say „Klickvieh“. Yep, you need some “click cattle first” to whip up your page impressions. Oh! But your site has a huge resting time? Nice. Screw it! Advertising in the World Wide West Web is made by a lot of oldschool mediabuyers who think, that Twitter is a sexual dysfunction (don’t worry, it’s a German thing, we call „hermaphrodites“ „Zwitter“, that’s the reason why they are confused with all this web 2.0 stuff). What I mean is that as long as these guys rule the media-business you have to get that damn traffic , those damn views and bucket load clicks. But the conversion rate is freefalling and the oldschool 468x60er still is the most booked ad space in the webtwopointzero. There simply isn’t the money in „that“. Yet.

So you need to go down another path if you really want to make it big and be a web2.0 star. You need a really big brand if you don’t have as many paying customers as Amazon or eBay. It’s a good old fashioned business rule; the big brand catches the big fish because they have their hooks are nice and shiny and their bait just tastes so sweet.

I will talk about this „branding thingy“ in my next episode and check if our home grown German web2.0 brands have any shiny hooks or anything sweet about them all. So please stay tuned.

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  1. The Kaiser

    Oh, this is going to be good, really good. I bloody well hope you’re going to have a good look at my all time favourite international business social network (MADE IN GERMANY). In you’re trouble if you don’t.

  2. The Kaiser

    I meant: „You’re in trouble if you don’t“.


  3. iB

    „What about clipfish ODER myvideo?“ ;)

  4. Patrick Breitenbach

    Native speaker! ;-)

  5. The Kaiser

    ha. I didn’t write it though, did I now?

  6. Vroni

    To make big deals with high traffic and click rates you need another language area than the tiny german one: the english language area! The biggest around the world.

    So please don’t bother the german 2.0 brands. Its a stupid language thing. Eat it and don’t argue any more!^^

  7. Patrick Breitenbach

    Not in case of sevenload. ;-)
    See: en.sevenload.com/

  8. Armin

    Yeah, but almost all of the „Most Popular Tags“ are still in, yes, you guessed right, German. The remaining ones probably pass as Denglish.

  9. Patrick Breitenbach

    Big question: How to start an international video plattform from scratch?

    If you really want to get into international business with strong competitors you have to offer special content, branding, storytelling, service whatever. I ask myself why is sevenload doing such things? Overhasty strategy? Too much money?

    Focus on your core competence. Cobbler, stick to your last!

  10. Annette

    Why are we commenting in english?

  11. Oldem

    Könnt ihr kein Deutsch?

  12. Armin

    Annette, the entry is in English and presumably Patrick would like to reach an international audience with it. To involve an international audience in the discussion it makes sense to hold in English.

    Oldem, im Prinzip schon. Aber es soll ja ein paar Milliarden Menschen geben die es nicht koennen. Dafuer koennen so einige von denen Englisch. Or so I’ve been told.

  13. Roland Kühl-v.Puttkamer

    Indeed, we are breaking the fences and open werbeblogger from German Wide Web to World Wide Web ;-)

  14. The Kaiser

    But don’t blame me guys. ;-)

  15. Patrick Breitenbach

    It’s all your fault Kaiser. We are your servient subjects. :-)

  16. Patrick Breitenbach

    By the way, Armin is right. We want to offer some information from the german ad and web scene to the „outerworld“.

    Außerdem will ich mein Englisch verbessern. Learning by earning ! ;-)

  17. The Kaiser


  18. Jan

    I think sevenload is not that successful also because of its not very appealing content. I mean the quality of a site like this would have to be a lot above average to be noticed and appreciated outside of its country of origin.

    When taking a look at the english version just mentioned, I only checked two links: Babyshambles‘ video with German description and some other video with German speaker. They still have a lot of work to do in order to make it BIG, although I, personally, doubt that they’ll succeed. Good luck, anyway.

    Btw: I like some english input in this blog. It kind of spices up the whole thing.

  19. henning


    Jetzt can we here English speaken! Branding ist ja auch very international…

    Egal, wenn die Schreibe leidet (liest sich, wie ein Artikel eines 18 jährigen Austauschschülers)!

    Peinlich, peinlich….

  20. Patrick Breitenbach

    „Forever young, I want to be forever young.“

    You have to know this song Henning, because your portfolio tells me that you have cought up in the early eigthies. But you don’t have to be ashamed. Trash is beautiful, isn’t it?

  21. The Kaiser

    Henning – if you’re going to call Patrick on his english, then do it properly otherwise you have to deal with me. And believe me designer boy – you really don’t want that to happen.

    Welcome to the real world Henning.

  22. Claus

    I really like it! The idea to write in English to open werbeblogger for a bigger audience is great. This is the basis for an intercultural interchange and other views on the same topics.

    @henning: not everybody is English native speaker and that’s not really important. Important is, that the people understand the articles and opinions to start a much more valuable discussion.

    And….I know that my English isn’t very good :)

  23. Patrick Breitenbach

    @Claus: Thanks. I understand you! ;-)

    Design can’t speak English, because it has to initiate intercultural communication too. So Henning is just one step further than we poor little fellas are.

  24. Philipp

    Well, we are better off, being one step behind, than one step ahead. But we are still a couple steps ahead regarding other people, otherwise we would not be here. And sometimes you should not be to far ahead, because then a great idea with great background will not succeed because nobody understands what you are talking about.
    I think you guys took the right step to start combining this whole thing with english, cuz a lot of things regarding our business is written and discussed in english.
    But coming back to topic:

    Sure traffic is the most important thing, but why should you try to generate as much as possible if you might not want to be such a big fish.
    And I also think it is not necessary to do the whole clipfishmyvideosevenload thing in english. Why not sticking to this apparent small maket. I think it is bigger than people think, or better it could be bigger.
    Correct me if I’m wrong

  25. M.

    In returning to the original discussion; why would any consumer bother to opt for a me-too product instead of the original? a) because it’s cheaper, b) because it offers some kind of added value (a certain unique „image“ does count here)

    But, concerning the aforementioned German „Web 2.0“ brands, both aspects won’t work. a) can be ignored, since YouTube offers its services to the consumer as gratis as its clones. b), well… I’m still waiting for any such thing as the slightest original idea by these me-toos.

    Offering content in German, offering a community that interacts in the local language – in my opinion, that’s not nearly strong enough a selling argument. Especially since YouTube has launched its German version. But even before that – on YouTube, German users never had a problem with commenting clips from the US etc. in German (same as the French, the Greek, the Arabs, etc.).

    … whatever happenend to the proud country of inventors and ideas? ;)

  26. Mathias

    Henning – if you’re going to call Patrick on his english, then do it properly otherwise you have to deal with me.

    All right, here we go (although I’m neither Henning nor have any affiliation to the advertising industry. I just don’t like to read texts with semi-obvious errors in it. I wouldn’t want to read something like craplog.de/geh-wiede... in German either ;) ):

    That’s strange because, in Germany, these guys are the really big web 2.0 brands;
    -Reads strange to me. Can’t say with certainty that it’s wrong, but I’d put a comma after strange and not after before.

    If you want to make your Web 2.0 world go round with advertising-money then you have to get traffic very first.
    -very is superfluous, and I’d put a comma between money and then.

    It seems like he prefers the real deal: religion but that’s another story for another day.
    -missing period after religion

    In Germany we say “Klickvieh”.
    -at least in american english comma and periods always go inside the quotation marks, except when a parenthetical reference follows the quotation. See owl.english.purdue.e...

    Yep, you need some “click cattle first”
    -quotation marks only around click cattle

    Advertising in the World Wide West Web is made by a lot of oldschool mediabuyers who think, that Twitter is a sexual dysfunction
    -comma seems to be placed wrong. If you want to put one, I’d put it after after mediabuyers (which is written media buyers)

    damn traffic , those damn views and bucket load clicks.
    -du plenkst ;)

    the big brand catches the big fish because they have their hooks are nice and shiny and their bait just tastes so sweet.
    -„have their hooks are nice and shiny“ makes no sense. Either omitt are or insert which after hooks

    or anything sweet about them all
    -missing at before all

    Back on topic: Truth to be told, I never even heard of heavy or maniatv before and I didn’t know that break and metacafe are into videos now. Maybe someone could list their USPs? Heavy and mania seem both to be concentrated on „scripted“ content, i.e. not bucketloads of „funny“ videos. yahoo looks like a youtube clone and AOL seems like an outlet for TimeWarner content, i.e there are no user generated videos on the frontpage. Veoh had the advantage over youtube that it allowed higher res and bigger files, but they cut that down due to the obvious use as storage for pirated content. Which would explain their 20% drop :P
    Now, I know that sevenload tried to be a place for semi-professional video clips and failed, but „historically“ the German video hosters have been used by television stations for their cross-promotion. And it’s kinda obvious that if you hold a Big Brother contest or flood everything with Germany’s Next Topmodel, you target a specific audience. One, which usually does not produce high quality content ;) So, the situation those hosters are in looks kind of homemade to me and has little to do with a missing brand. They are a brand, just one that says „For Teenies and ‚Hartzer‘ (i.e. persons who live of state welfare) only.“

  27. Patrick Breitenbach

    — offtopic — Nice to have some pedants out there. That is what blogging and conversation in Germany is all about: quotation mark corrections.

    Next time please ignore my posts if you can’t bear them…

  28. Mathias

    You said you wanted to improve your english, so pointing out errors (and heck, I even gave you a resource) and learning from them might actually accomplish that.
    Please do note that I actually did something write on-topic (which unfortunately you didn’t respond to) instead of just bashing your lack of grammar like henning did.
    Pedanterism is no key element of Germans, the term „grammar nazi“ is fairly widespread in the english-speaking part of the internet as well ;) But noted, I won’t comment on your writing qualities again if you don’t want it.

  29. Armin

    Patrick, at least to an extent I have to agree with Mathias here. Some of the mistakes make your otherwise interesting analysis quite difficult to read. Admittedly not the quotation marks, but some of the others.

    Meaning you and us have to find a way to help you improving by somehow pointing out at least the most glaring mistakes without turning the comments into a pure English grammar and vocabulary discussion.

    Your blog, your rules though ;-)

  30. Philipp

    Just one comment on Mathias: In germany people say „Der Ton macht die Musik“ which means as much as that the sound makes the music. Although you just wrote something, the „sound“ of your text was quite harsh. That’s what I think.
    Some of us are no native speakers, so our writing can’t be perfect. I don’t know if you are able to write the german language perfect. Trying to help people with their language is ok, but do you think it is all about dots and quotation marks????

  31. Patrick Breitenbach

    Let’s forget it!

    Sure, I want to improve my English language, but I have a low opinion of teacher-centered learning. It discourages me. It discourages so many people. And I don’t think that the comment area is a appropriate classroom anway.

    Well, in future there are two possibilities from now on:
    – My post will be edited by the kaiser (he is a native speaker)
    – I won’t write any english posts again

    It’s a pity that we get off the point.

  32. Mathias

    Please, don’t stop writing in english. That wasn’t my intention at all. I’m sorry that it came across that way. I mean, I’m not even in the audience this entry wants to reach out (as German is my first language), and as no native speaker wrote anything about this off-topic matter, it’s only fair to assume that it’s not important to them. Yes, maybe my tone was too harsh and agreed, I listed many superfluous things that aren’t really important and can be attributed as slips of the pen. Aagin, I’m sorry, and don’t let yourself be discouraged by my comment. Maybe it’s best if you simply delete it.

    I’m still interested in the USPs of the english video hosters listed at compete though, because I don’t have insight in that market.

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