7:30 Uhr

Adscene #3: The Faris Yakob Interview

{lang: ‚de‘} Well I finally managed to interview Faris Yakob, strategic naked ninja at naked comms in New York. As you will hear, it’s slightly different to the other Adscene interviews that have gone before. We chatted about the situation in the United States, the banking crisis and what that means for advertising. We talked […]

6:26 Uhr

Adscene #1: The George Parker Interview

{lang: ‚de‘} Well, it took some time; in fact it took forever but here it is. Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present the very first Adscene: The Kaiser Report, featuring the one and only Mr. George Parker. I should point out that this podcast features language that some may find offensive but if you’re made […]

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Adscene: The Kaiser Report
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