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Adscene #1: The George Parker Interview

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Sexiest ad man

Well, it took some time; in fact it took forever but here it is. Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present the very first Adscene: The Kaiser Report, featuring the one and only Mr. George Parker.

I should point out that this podcast features language that some may find offensive but if you’re made of tougher stuff and you’re not a junior account handler you will certainly find what George has to say both interesting and refreshing. Unless, of course, you work for WPP or an Advertising school in the north of Germany.

So I hope you enjoy the interview. Many thanks to George, he’s such a luvvie. Do please spend a lot of time over at his blog (you know how it is with the elderly – they need a bit of attention every now and then) and if you haven’t already buy his utterly brilliant book Madscam.

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  1. The George Parker Interview

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  2. Tim Keil

    Great stuff. Let’s get him over here to show us his Hitler Ads :-)

  3. Patrick Breitenbach

    We should sacrifice some of our christmas gifts on ebay (we have to support things with business models) to buy George a fuckin‘ ride to germany or his new book on amazon (the other business model thing).

    I enjoyed listening to you George, it was so hilarious. But I’m afraid the charged 20-year-old-adschool-nobrainers will sob theirselves into sleep from now on.

    Great work Kaiser.

  4. Michael

    Without bashing the other podcasts (they were great too), I think this was one of the best ones ever released on Werbeblogger. Very funny and interesting. I really enjoyed it, kept me from going to bed early.

    By the way, I think the reason why young people are still fascinated by the advertising industry (and I’m not speaking for the adschool people)is that you can still fight for ideas. And that it’s all about some kind of pop-cultural product. Yoe see,it’s hard to bring in your all your inspriration from the movies, the art galleries, books etc when you work in a bank or something.
    I hope that makes sense, shout if not ;)

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  6. The Cartoonist

    Just wait until I’ll do my next podcast with George. I’ll be called „George Parker swears“. Ha!
    Great work, btw; congrats!

  7. The Cartoonist

    Dammit. „It’ll“ not „I’ll“, of course.

  8. The Kaiser

    Cartoonist – Thanks. You’ve already done a podcast with George haven’t you? Where is it?

  9. The Cartoonist

    Oh, it’s here, amongst several other podcasts:


    Just scroll down a bit.

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